Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ten Things I Did Today That VERY Few Other People Did

10. Ate stale cocoa puffs in school during History Review
9. Helped Courtney with her baptism debate
8. Ate an uncrustable that had a peice of crust on... honestly
7. Drew a smily face in sharpie marker on Emma's back
6. Made a halter dress for a Barbie out of a sock
5. Cleaned up Candy Land 3 Times because Sam knocked it on the floor
4. Made fun of Barry Manilow.... I DESPISE him
3. Eaten Paper
2. Wrote a blog for Ten Things
1. Ate dinner with a naked two year old on my lap (yeah, that's really getting old)

Hope your day was tons more unique than mine

<33 MeGaN

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